Alex Redinger

Alex Redinger

Research Interest

Alex Redinger’s research interests are:

    Thin film solar cells such as Cu(In,Ga)Se2 , kesterites and hybrid perovskites

    Scanning Probe microscopy methods (STM, STS, KPFM)

    Photoluminescence methods (Spatial, Spectral and time resolved)


Alex Redinger is an associate professor at the University of Luxembourg in the Physics and Materials Science Research Unit. He studied Physics at the RWTH Aachen in Germany. He carried out his PhD in the group of Prof. Thomas Michely where he studied ion-surface interactions with scanning tunneling microscopy. As a Postdoc he worked at the University of Luxembourg in the group of Prof. Susanne Siebentritt and at the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin in the group of Dr. Thomas Unold. The overarching topic of his postdoctoral stays where the fabrication and characterization of kesterite solar cells.

In 2016, he was granted with an FNR ATTRACT Consolidator grant, which allows him to build up a scanning probe microscopy group to study the surfaces and interfaces of thin film solar cells.

Since 03.2017 Alex is building up his new group at the University of Luxembourg.

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